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The eldership is a council of equals: a team of biblically qualified, dedicated men empowered by the Holy Spirit to do their work. Although elders act jointly as a council and share equal authority and responsibility for the leadership of the church, all are not equal in their giftedness, biblical knowledge, leadership ability, experience, or dedication. Therefore, those among the elders who are particularly gifted leaders and/or teachers will naturally stand out among the other elders as leaders and teachers within the leadership body. This is what the Romans used to call (pumus inter pares), meaning “first among equals.”

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At Canyon Hills, the differences among our elders are merely functional and not formal. Therefore, the eldership at Canyon Hills will be made up of spiritually qualified men appointed by the congregation to fulfill the role and responsibility of guiding, guarding, and growing the sheep. In short, elders are responsible for the pastoral oversight of the church.

Canyon Hills uses the title Pastor to describe the elders who are in full-time paid ministry. We use the title elder (the most common word) to describe our elders who are bi-vocational and yet still assume the noble calling of shepherding the flock at CHCC. Our desire is to function as a team of co-ministers carrying out the mission of the church.

Thus, taking the use of all these terms into consideration, a Canyon Hills Community Church elder is an older, spiritually mature male member of the church who has been appointed as a servant of the church. Canyon Hills Community Church does not endorse women holding the office of elder because they cannot be the husband of one wife, a qualification clearly taught in 1 Timothy 3:2, and the fact that elder is referred to as "he" in both 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

For a more thorough explanation and scriptural definitions download this more complete manual.