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Why we use the ESV version of the Bible

We are a Bible believing, Bible preaching, Bible living church. It is in our DNA. At Canyon Hills you hear the Bible read and taught every Sunday and lived out by faithful believers throughout the week. It is at the core of all we are and do, so we take very seriously which Bible translation we use. In a Bible, we are looking for at least three things:

1. We want a very readable translation. We need a version of the Bible that can be easily followed when it is being read aloud because that is an important element in worship.
2. We want a very accurate translation. It is vital that whatever translation we use, it represents the original Greek and Hebrew well.
3. We want a very usable translation. We need a version of the Bible that everyone can use for their own personal Bible study.

Where do we find all of this? The English Standard Version of the Bible hits every criterion like no other Bible on the market today. Some translations are very readable but they take liberties with the original text and are therefore not as accurate. Some translations are very accurate but are wooden and clumsy to read. The beauty of the ESV is that it is very readable, even elegant at times, very accurate, truly reflecting the original Greek and Hebrew, and there is a version that comes with amazing study notes to make the Scripture more accessible to everyone in our congregation.

In addition to all the advantages of the ESV, the NIV translation was completely redone in 2011. The new NIV had some changes that our Elders and Pastors were not comfortable with. We believe that the ESV takes full advantage of all the best and current scholarship, so we were proactive and made a choice for a proven translation.

This was a great opportunity for Canyon Hills to change to a new translation that is beautiful in its language and faithful to the original, a fresh translation to breathe new life into our Bible teaching and preaching. This is the translation for a Bible-reading, Bible-preaching, Bible-living church. This translation is for us.

In His Word,
Pastor Steve Walker