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The songs on Grateful (our new worship CD) were chosen to be an encouragement to you as you live and worship in the real world. It's no surprise that life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad, gains and losses. Even as we recorded this album, we saw first hand those in our church family who experienced tragic loss, while others experienced incredible blessing. What we saw in each situation, was the reality of God's presence and his faithfulness in all situations. For that we are eternally grateful. Our prayer is that you too, would grow to be grateful, no matter what life brings your way.

“Rejoice  always,  pray  without  ceasing,  give  thanks  in  all  circumstances;  for  this  is  the  will  of  God  in  Christ  Jesus  for  you” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

You can currently buy the album online on iTunes.

1. Forever Reign

Written by Reuben Morgan/Jason Ingram
Performed by Koby Orr

2. Grateful

Written by Koby Orr
Performed by Koby Orr

3. Always

Written by Kristian Stanfill/Jason Ingram
Performed by Koby Orr

4. I Lift My Hands

Written by Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio/Matt Maher
Performed by Koby Orr

5. You Are My Strength

Written by Koby Orr
Performed by Koby Orr

6. Before the Throne

Written by Charitie Bancroft/Vikki Cook
Performed by Koby Orr

7. Lord Most High

Written by Koby Orr/Christian Alvero/Adam Goertzen/Dave Morgan/Jeff Potts
Performed by Koby Orr

8. Endless Hallelujah

Written by Matt Redman/Jonas Featherstone/Chris Tomlin/Tim Wanstall 
Performed by Koby Orr

9. My Jesus I love you

Written by William Featherstone/Koby Orr/Dave Morgan
Performed by Kelly Goertzen

10. My Refuge is God

Written by Jeff Potts
Performed by Jeff Potts

11. Just as I am

Written by Sue C. Smith/Travis Alan Cottrell/David Moffitt
Performed by Megan Dunlap


Drums - Jeff Potts
Keys/Pads - Dave Morgan and Koby Orr
Electric Guitars - Adam Goertzen
Acoustic Guitars - Koby Orr
Bass - Greg Miller


Kevin Ball
Angie Reimer
Kelly Goertzen
Dave Morgan
Koby Orr
Kimm Ledet
Megan Dunlap
Loren Yaguchi
Coke Landis
Adrienne McGruder