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Why a Marriage Conference?

Posted on February 21st, 2017 by Kaitlin De Jong


As Office Manager and Lay Counselor for Canyon Hills Counseling Ministry, I spend a majority of my day communicating with, and helping, people who are hurting.  They may be hurting because of their sin, hurting because of the sin of others, hurting because they responded to the sin of others in a sinful way, or hurting because we live in a fallen, sin-cursed world.  Part of being human means that we sin. We’re exposed to sin.  We often sink into our shells when we realize we have no control over this cursed world.  The reality of living on this side of heaven means we experience pain, temptation, and sorrow.

Some of our worst pain comes from relationships--each one a tool which God uses to sanctify us and grow us into His likeness.  Marriage, as God ordained it, is the closest relationship we will have during our time on Earth.  Bringing two sinners together can be an incredible light to this world when we grow humbly and seek eternity in all we do. This display of Christ and the church is a lamp of warm illumination in the midst of this world wrought with evil--One that people are drawn to.  However, in what I see, I often find that marriages look less like inviting lights and instead have turned into lit explosives, evolving into a war zone.  If not explosive, a cold war of apathetic existence permeates the home.

My heart breaks for the pain and suffering in the hearts of others, some who have masked this for years, or limp along in a particularly challenging season.  As much as my heart breaks, I know there is a Father whose heart breaks even more.  He desires a different heart, a different perspective, for His cherished people.  His mission for each person, whether in marriage or out, is to make more and better disciples by being salt and light amid a dark and twisted generation.

There is an opportunity coming up for you to look at your heart and see where your mission and God’s may not be in line.  Perhaps you are married, and struggling.  Maybe you are married, and doing well, but wanting to gain tools to continue in this same manner.  Or possibly you are single, and wanting to set yourself up well, should God call you to marriage, or learn what tools you can apply in everyday relationships.  Perhaps you are dating or engaged, and desire to start your life as one on the best footing possible.  Or you could be a Life Group leader, Flock leader, counselor or mentor to someone who needs to hear truth.

In any situation God has you in right now, there is hope.  It doesn’t matter how dark, depressing, angry, agitating, anxious, or painful your situation is right now…there is hope, because we have Him.  God’s word is rich with answers, and the deepest desire of our counseling ministry is to lovingly point people to His wisdom, strength, love as they seek to apply these truths.

We warmly invite you to join us this June to hear from Dr. Paul David Tripp as he speaks to us about redeeming marriage.  As a pastor, biblical counselor, and author, we are excited to hear from Dr. Tripp, who passionately and unashamedly teaches from God’s Word and compels us to apply biblical truth to our everyday lives.  Let your life, and your marriage, be a lamp!

“What Did You Expect?  Redeeming the Realities of Marriage”
Dr. Paul David Tripp

Canyon Hills Community Church

  • Friday, June 16 [7-9:45 PM] – Saturday, June 17 [9 AM-12 PM]
  • Cost: $20/per person
  • People in all seasons of life, 16 and older are encouraged to attend!

For more details, and to register, check out our conference webpage.

To watch the video preview, please click here.

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